About Us

Welcome to Rollin Phatties, where culinary traditions collide in a delicious dance of flavors! Born out of the vibrant intersection of Pakistani heritage and Texan flair, Rollin Phatties takes the classic paratha roll to new heights with our own unique fusion. Each roll is a symphony of taste, blending the rich spices of Pakistan with the boldness of Texas-sized flavors.

Join us on a journey where authenticity meets innovation, and savor the perfect harmony of tradition and creativity in every bite at Rollin Phatties. From the sizzling streets of Lahore to the vibrant energy of Texas, our rolls encapsulate the essence of both worlds. Every Phattie is a labor of love, meticulously crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you're a spice enthusiast or a fan of comforting, hearty meals, our diverse menu has a Texas-sized flavor just for you.

What is a Phattie?

A Phattie is our bold reimagination of the beloved South Asian street food, the Paratha Roll. Picture this: a symphony of chargrilled meats or spiced vegetarian curries, masterfully marinated with the finest ingredients. Each Phattie is an indulgent experience topped with our signature homemade sauces, it's not just a roll - it's a culinary journey.

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